Wedding planning, bleh


Maybe I’m being a little too picky, but I feel like a good number of the vendors and sales departments I’ve dealt with the last few weeks have been unnecessarily difficult. For example:

1. Probably three out of four companies whose online contact forms I fill out never email or call.

2. I called three hotels to find out block room rates and rehearsal dinner catering packages, having no idea how many questions they would have (“Tell me Sara, what’s important to you?). Or how long I would have to be on the phone in order to get copies of the PDFs that they surely have on file and what must be the standard $20-$30 deduction off the usual room rate. More than 24 hours after those conversations, two out of three have still not emailed me the information they said they would.

3. I stupidly put my phone number on something at a bridal show, which means I get a lot of unsolicited calls now. An entertainment company called and when I asked the guy to email me his price list, he said “I can do even better, just go to our website and fill out the online quote request form.” But sir, you called me.

4. I also stupidly put down my email address, and I replied to another entertainment company’s email solicitation requesting her price list. That person replied that she did not work in sales and did not have price information (then why are you emailing me?) and cc-ed sales, but was I available to go to  Manayunk that night for a live demo?

No, I said, I am not available to go to Manayunk tonight.

Then, the sales person, who does in theory know the price information, writes that she prefers to have the first conversation over the phone and to let her know if I’m available Thursday at 4:30. A) Why did you email me then, B) Why would I talk to you (or go see your DJs) if I don’t know I can afford your services?

Anyone have a DJ in Philly they recommend?


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