Spared by Sandy

Have you ever seen one of those photos taken after a natural disaster where there’s one house left standing while every house around it it lies in rubble?

I feel like that’s Philadelphia right now.

I am actually cursed when it comes to water–every place I’ve ever lived in Philly has flooded or leaked in some significant way–but yesterday we had only a few small drips that quit by evening when the rain tapered off. Sandy didn’t even rip the paper mummy off our light pole or knock over my mums.

Spared by Sandy.

No disrespect to those without power or with trees that came down on their personal property. But I think as a city we made out alright. I like Mayor Nutter’s line that our challenge was “striking the balance between nonchalant and hysterical. The reality is in between.” Seems right.

But New Jersey and NYC–shoot.

It’s telling, to me, that when the Atlantic set out to fact-check the photos doing the rounds on social media, they were suspicious of so many real pictures. No, that is not the earthquake ride at universal studios–that is actually a flooded PATH station in Hoboken. However, the Statue of Liberty being hit by a wave, that’s a still from a disaster movie done up to look like news clip. Come on folks.

But the surfers have already returned to Rehoboth Beach.


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