Waiting for Sandy

Disaster preparedness on my block seems to consist of wrapping outdoor decorations in plastic bags.

Wouldn’t want the faux flowers to be over-watered?

The neighbor a few doors down wrapped the autumn leaf garland on her banister very securely with plastic and duct tape (because that’s less work than taking it down?) But left the hanging plastic skeletons, because Sandy will not cancel Halloween!

I wedged my mums into the corner of the stoop and told them to be strong. One badly needs water. Little does it know.

I started to worry about whether there’s enough food if we’re hurricaned in tomorrow and can’t go to the store and second guessed the decision to buy only whiskey, milk, ice cream  and batteries.

But I’m pretty sure there’s easily enough peanut butter, fresh fruit, salad greens and apple cake to meet our caloric needs for at least a few days. If things get really hairy, I’ll be eating chickpeas straight out of the can. First world problems.

And just to be safe, I put some water in some things, even though I’m not on well water. Can you imagine how dumb you would feel? If, after being told for several days to prepare for the worst, you didn’t even have potable water? I can’t be that person.

Stopped short of filling mason jars.


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