Red lentil risotto, root vegetable pancakes, plus microgreen and romaine salad

Haven’t been to the grocery store in at least 2 weeks, as a result, I’m making my way through some dry goods that I’ve probably packed and moved more than once. For example, a bag of red lentils that I think I’ve had longer than Adam and I have been dating–which is longer than a lot of celebrity marriages.

Tonight’s recipes: Red lentil risotto and Mark Bittman’s template for veggie pancakes. Plus a salad so that I don’t feel guilty for wasting more lettuce.

Have a lot of root vegetables from our last CSA delivery of the season (a bittersweet day–no more fun squashes that just show up every week, but also no more lettuce unless I want it). So, these include turnip, purple carrot and rutabaga. Which is something I’m not sure I ever thought I would eat.

Purple carrot.

Also on the agenda: Pear sauce, because I have two bags of pears in the fridge and I need to stop making desserts. Plus, I was thinking carrot cake pancakes in the morning.

As I learned this evening, search results for “carrot recipe” are at least 66% carrot cake, and I am weak.

Didn’t get much else done today, other than re-potting some of my herbs for a winter window herb garden, then trimming and freezing the rest in advance of the hurricane possibly killing anything left outside. Thanks Sandy, I’d been meaning to do this anyway.

Spearmint, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, oregano, basil, sage, and two of the three total peppers that my pepper plant managed to produce this season.

I may have gone overboard when I put all the patio furniture downstairs, but we lived in Tampa when I was a kid. And my only vivid memory of hurricane damage is that one blew over our picnic table once. Better safe than sorry.


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