First Snowmageddon, now Frankenstorm. Whoever coined that must be feeling very please with his or herself right about now, though I wish “snor’eastercane” had caught on.

If you have some time on your hands and can tolerate a lot of static, you might choose to watch Mayor Nutter’s somewhat plodding press conference from this afternoon on how Philadelphians should prepare for our impending doom by flooding and wind. Did you know, we have more than 77,000 storm drains? Other highlights:

“Never enter a flooded basement due to the very real prospect of being electrocuted as a result of entering a flooded basement.”


“We’re in the height of leaf-falling season.”


“Do not leave your pets in your home which, again, you are leaving because it is flood prone. You do not want to leave your pets behind.”

But my personal favorite is when an ambulance tries to navigate the traffic hell that is Broad Street around City Hall, and the thirty seconds or so during which everyone looks awkwardly off screen, presumably watching it try to get around all the people who drive in Center City and DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Main takeaway: If you live on Main Street Manayunk, just leave now.

In other news, the National Scholastic Surfing Association Northeast Conference had to be postponed. You can surf in New Jersey–who knew?

So now among my weekend plans: cutting any fresh herbs I wanted to enjoy this season and bringing in any plants and/or pots that I am attached to.

Now off to purchase some spare D batteries. Maybe this year there won’t be a run on every store in the city because people bought them all for Irene last year and then didn’t need them.


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