Knitting, Cats, Grants and Politics

After two years of inactivity, I am trying to reboot this blogging business. I feel like I need to write something longer than a Facebook status update–other than email and grant proposals. Likely topics moving forward:

  • Knitting. After work, it is what consumes the largest share of my time with the possible exception of sleeping. Possible.  Here’s a recently completed project (fresh off the needles in this pic):


  • Cats. I have two, Tiny and Hugo. There was also an outside tabby’s successful invasion and subsequent expulsion from our home, though as I understand it, she was difficult to convince and not terribly afraid of being poked by a golf umbrella. She has since adopted the potted dracaena I have outside as a litter box and hangs around the patio. But she will not win me over with her big brown eyes. Because I already have these two to contend with:

Human: Claimed.

  • Federal grant proposals. In my 4.33 months as a grant writer, I have yet to come across one for which the guidelines are absolutely clear and for which all materials are provided without inconsistency or a single typo in the instructions. Also, this is a thing:

Translation: Where do bears eat deer?

  • Politics, but only the memes.



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