This is 1,500 years old (and other interesting things I saw today)

I picked it up on the ground outside an archeological mound and handed it to Dr. David Periera. Oh, this is from the Foundation period, he  said. It´s probably 1,500 years old. Good eye!

How about that.

The Cordillera Oriental and two rebuilt Inca grain silos. They have doorways in them because the first four that the archaeologists rebuilt were vandalized by people who tore down the walls to see if anything was inside.

Not very  spectacular, but these are original Inca foundations, all in a row.

And this is a black figure of Christ on the cross, wearing a rainbow sash, being carried down the street in Quillacolla, followed by a brass band.

A health exhibit in the public square, complete with hand drawn informational posters, put on by the military police. Other posters included communicable diseases and vaccinations.

And apparently the story here is that unions of taxis and suchlike will decide on a saint who should protect their vehicles, and then they perform a ritual to that saint. That ritual being to decorate your car with baby dolls, llamas and cutlery and drive it around the public square.


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