My first view of La Paz out the window of my taxi from the airport. Mount Illimani in the background. This road is the most spectacular view of the city, clinging to the walls of the canyon and filling it in.

A lovely square in La Paz that I stumbled upon while trying to get somewhere else. That is the Legislative building across the way, and the president´s house is next door, I think.

Coca tea from the cafe at the coca museum. Maybe it is my imagination, but I do think I got less winded walking back up the hill to the hostel, so I´m inclined to believe the hype.

First meal in Cochabamba, the local dish pique macho. A carnivore´s delight: Beef, chorizo, sausage, a chicken drumstick, thick slabs of grilled cheese and cow udder mixed with some peppers and sauces and such. Cow udder: unremarkable.

Cristo de la Concordia: Actually taller than the statue in Rio. Also, the jacaranda tree is my new favorite.

This is me peering out one of those holes. You can go all the way to Jesus´ shoulders, but you´re now allowd in his head.

More Jacaranda tree. It´s too misty to see, but the Cordillera Occidental is over there.

Later in the day, less misty, here´s the Cordillera Occidental as seen from the window in my room. ¿With a view like that who can complain?

Now off to eat my leftovers from lunch: a kebab of chicken, beef and bacon. I foresee eating a lot of meat the next two weeks. But Bolivia is too poor to afford hormones for livestock, so I´m pretty ok with it. Also, there´s the deliciousness to make it go down easy.

I plan to try guinea pig at some point. Probably tongue also.


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