The legend of coca

This is an exerpt from the legend of coca, first transcribed, purportedly, in 1921:

I shall give you a gift for your brothers.
Climb up that mountain
Where you shall find a small plant
One with much strength.Guard the leaves with much love
And when you feel the sting of painIn your heart, hunger in your body
And darkness in your mind
Take rhem to your mouth
And softly draw up its spirit
Which is a part of mine.
You will find love for your pain

Food for your body
And light for your mind

Furthermor, watch the leaves dance with the wind and you will find answers to your queries.

But if you torturer, who comes from the north
The white conqueror, the gold seeker
Should touch it, he will find in it only poison for his body
Madness for his mindfor his heart is so callous and his steel and iron garment.
And when the COCA which is how you will call it
Attempts to soften his feelings
It will only shatter him
As the icy crystals born in the clouds
Crack the rocks
Demolish mountains.


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