Make your bed every day

Went to see Sonia Sanchez read at a small bookstore on 13th street. You have to be disciplined, she said, you have to make your bed every morning before you can excel at poetry.

I write haiku every morning, she told us, and stepped away from the microphone to rummage through a bag and produce a little notebook—a birthday gift from someone who knew her habits—and read a few “New York” poems straight from the journal.

“Kisses are wasted on the young,” she read.

So, inspired by Ms. Sanchez:

5 Haiku For Winter In Philadelphia:


Salt and ice on side
Walks tread commuting feet, we
Stroll again in May.


I find that I obsess
Over plans and eye contact
More than usual.


Concrete city canyons
Echo with footfalls after dark
Hemmed in by stars.


A book in my hand
And a song in my ear
As I wait for you.


The cold bores me, but
Spring is months away and my
Heart refuses to bloom.


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