I gave in to the temptation to drink the first cup of coffee to drip through the machine.  Now the rest of the pot will be weak, but every cup after is always chases the pleasure of that first sip anyway.

Trying to quit coffee after 2:30 because I read in Glamour magazine that it will help you sleep more regularly. A great source for life goals. Further, just by sleeping 7.5 hours every night, according to the cited study, one could lose as much as 6 pounds without doing anything else!  Tempting!

Was talking to Justin—principle negative influence behind my failing in this goal most days—about how there is a singe 4 month period in all of my adult or pre-adult life in which I was out in the world by 8 every weekday and 9 on every weekend.  And it was the four months that I was in India.

There was too much going on to sleep through it; also, Bushpo-di would have been offended if I didn’t eat her breakfast.

It’s a little dispiriting to think that I had never before, and have not since, had the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and that I can no longer operate in the world without at least 48 ounces of brew.

Something to work on.

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