Recipe for a Saturday

  1. 1 hr of roll over and don’t get out of bed.
  2. 1 dash cat sleeping on backs of knees
  3. 10 cups coffee
  4. 1 part relief to have no obligations, 1 part nagging sense that you should be making more of your life, 1 part “it’s early and there are so many possibilities for this day.”
  5. 5 news related websites
  6. 2 podcasts
  7. 1 messy house
  8. 1 sewing machine
  9. 1 sewing project
  10. Irish whiskey, to taste.
  11. 1 tbsp vinegar


Combine ingredients, let set.  Reserve one portion of #4; add vinegar at bedtime; possibilities for the day sour into possibilities unrealized;  fold into sleep.


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