Moving on

Let me tell you about the last 12 hours.  At 11pm last night I was informed that after returning my rental car to Philadelphia, I would be traveling to Richmond, VA for a training to replace the now defunct training in Denver that the organization paid $400 to fly me to in September.  Plans change.  We expected to leave York around 6pm, get to VA by midnight.

At 7:45 am this morning we were informed we should close our office here by 3 o’clock and head out to Philly, arriving in VA much earlier.  During the 5 minutes that I was in the bathroom around 8:30 am, we got another call and I was told to check my e-mail.  My e-mail tells me that I have a plane ticket to Denver for 6:45 am Tuesday morning.

This means that in all likelihood I will be in either CO or NM for the next month.  So either I will need the winter acoutrements that I am going to throw in my bag tonight, or I won’t at all.  The upshot is that I will get to spend tonight in my house.

I had a very homesick afternoon last week.  I was canvassing and someone yelled at me for asking him multiple times if he was registered to vote at his current address.  He was an angry young man sitting around on a weekday morning in a neighborhood where drugs are reportedly traded, so I shouldn’t take it personally, but I wanted very intensely in that moment to pack up my bags and say goodbye to the whole project.  I keep telling myself that I’m no quitter.


One comment

  1. Hey, if you do wind up in New Mexico, let me know! I’m sure my friends & family there would love to meet you. ^^

    Good luck!

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