I had to move to the downstairs couch to finish sleeping this morning.  7:45am and already in the 80s.  Had really cracked out dreams that involved iced coffee, thunderstorms, and trying to run, which is always comical because, no matter the dream, when I run it’s like I’m trying to move through waist-high water.  I can’t pick up speed and cannot make turns.

I have an indoor/outdoor thermometer in my kitchen that I purchased at the beginning of the winter to make sure that I suffered enough to keep my heating oil bill manageable.  It tends to exaggerate the temperature in the morning because the sun falls directly on the back of the house where the sensor is attached.  So while it is 87 degrees in the kitchen, that’s actually a bit of a relief because it currently reads between 104 and 106 outside depending on cloud cover.


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  1. i had cracked out dreams last night as well. i had a jet pack and was flying over campus throwing pottery at bad guys.

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