Got back to the office after interviews around 8pm.  Listened to my one message, read my twelve emails, decided to not to do anything about them until Monday.  Hello, weekend.  And I have frittered away most of the evening in front of the internet, watching clips of the Colbert Report episodes from their week in Philly.  And receiving horrible cat scratches that I in no way deserved.

I met our D.C. advocate who works on higher education issues today when he came to work the interview session. Though we’d not previously met, I have seen a lot of press conference photos of him.  That’s the thing about being on the creative team for a nationwide network of organizations.  You know everyone; very few know you. “That’s a weird thing to say to a person when you first meet them,” he said of my comment about his photos. 

I did a really bad job of introducing myself and my job to the groups at the interviews today.  I had no idea that when I said I work with staff in Iowa, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia that they would assume I actually go to those places.  No no, we’ve got telephones and the internet.  But it is a weird arrangement, because never before have I “worked with” people I either rarely see or have never met.

Just the other day one of my clients called me a little smart ass, followed by, “Actually, I don’t know what you look like, so you could be a big smart ass.”  And threatened to look me up on Facebook, for all the good it would do him since in my current profile picture I am wearing a $200 antique lampshade over my head.


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