Week’s end

Yesterday I saw a black cowboy on my walk home from work.  Yes, at the corner of Ellsworth and 15th, around 7:30pm, there was a black man in a cowboy hat on a brown and white horse, riding off into the sunset. I only learned this term today; apparently the concept is not entirely unknown here, which would explain why the woman crossing the street in 3 inch clear plastic hooker heals was only mildly interested in the fact of his existence, while in my head I was thinking “How did you get here, crazy man, where is your stable?”

I need to pack tonight, as I am cat sitting Miss Morgan again this weekend.  I also have to dress pretty tomorrow as I lose half of my workday to interviews.  Which is just great, since I billed 12 hours yesterday, and 10.5 today, and still, there are things that won’t get done this week.  Work makes the weeks end so quickly.


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