My gosh, my ghee.

I made ghee.

Ghee is my new favorite cooking oil.  It’s transformed from its original state through only work and heat.  Person milks cow (or, traditionally, a buffalo); churning the milk creates butter, and through slow cooking the butter, the milk solids and water are are eliminated, leaving behind the oil. It has no preservatives and can last for months without refrigeration.  Doesn’t that sound like magic?


Yes, I reuse salsa jars.

Food is my new project.  I bought an Ayurvedic cookbook and my spice collection went from off-brand Mrs. Dash, cinammon, salt and pepper, to including bay leaves, curry powder, mustard seeds, and tumeric.

Tonight’s adventure was a recipe for pumpkin soup, but instead of pumpkin, I used butternut squash, and for the called-for “nondairy milk”—a can Thai coconut milk from the Big 8 market, diluted with water—and to soak up that excess of water, half a cup of brown rice.  And then pre-cooked yellow split-peas for protein.

Mmm, creamy soup thick with short-chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed and metabolized by the body, how delicious you are.


One comment

  1. Ghee is a fabulous fat. I think we have gotten so afraid of fat in America, that we forget we actually need some in our diets for healthy brain function, and a myriad of other bodily functions.

    Ghee can be very therapeutic as well. Infused with herbs, it can be very healthy for you in the correct proportions for your dosha.

    Your recipe sounds wonderful. I will have to give it a try!


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