A window into my work culture

An exchange of emails across two work days. N is a senior writer, R is, like, the boss.

Subject: Arriving Today
N wrote:
Environment Florida [one of my organizations, and therefore projects]
Arizona PIRG

+0+@||7 |33+ !!!one1!!eleven!!

Subject: Re: Arriving Today
I wrote:

I can’t decide if that |33+ is intended negatively,
positively, or with any communicative function at all.

Subject Re: Re: Arriving today
R wrote:

Don’t look at me, I’m emoticon-illiterate.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Arriving today
N wrote

What this means is “Totally elite!”

Being elite is positive. The target date of arrival is 2/1, which means the “must arrive before this day” is 2/15. So I am psyched that your NSLs [newsletters] arrived in that window.

R, this in not an emoticon. It is “|33+ 5p33|<” or leet speek, or elite speak. It is used to show the writer’s lack of a social life, coupled with some kind of obscure typing skills.

This is an emoticon, applicable to this situation.


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: arriving today
R wrote:

/ : > /

(Translation: R, with furrowed brow, as youth culture escapes his grasp once more.)

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