What is time?

Omg, where did January go?

Although I spent 10.5 hours in the office today, leaving for only .3 hours to cash a check and buy wintergreen mints, which are my snack obsession, at the end of the day I had tracked only 8.3 hours and not all of them billable. Wtf?

Like a week ago, as I was laying in bed, falling asleep, my thoughts drifted to the events of winter break between the fall and spring semesters of that time that I was a teacher, the massive consumption of soju, cheap beer and $5 vodka, and I suddenly realized “oh my god, that was a year ago.”

I need you to know that I just edited out the comma between “beer” and “and” because, christ, but I have begun to internalize AP style.

I turn 24 in two months. I’ve lived in Philadelphia for 6 months—ridden a bike four times, attended three brunches with college friends, eaten butternut squash for the first time, and watched two entire seasons of Family Guy on DVD.

Time baffles me.


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