Thinking ahead…

The latest issue of US News and World Report, which we receive because of Milie’s unfortunate trouble with telemarketers, contains 50 tips to improve your life. Maybe it was fewer than fifty. But anyway, one such tip is to make “Do Not” lists. I was also recently forwarded a story, I think from the NY Times, that showed that when doctors made and followed checklists, it decreased the rate of hospital acquired infections. So, though it’s a little early, I have begun thinking about a list of do-nots for the new year.

Do not allow Netflix to lie unreturned in your house for weeks.

Do not fail to push the process button that actually schedules an online payment to your credit card.

And from now on, although it may take up the bulk of your time, do not allow your work to smother your creative enterprise(s).

And if Oliver could add an item from his place in my lap, which does not well accommodate his size, he would ask ‘do not leave ur kitteh lonelee on teh holidaze anymore, plz.’

(Among the other tips—cut back on corn, drink tap water, and take up knitting.)


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