Sometimes I am a lame-O

Like, sometimes I go to a ski resort complete with health spa and don’t learn to ski and have yet to make it to said spa for which I have two passes and only two days left to use them. Or like this morning, I punked out on cross country skiing to sleep in. I have seen pictures that of this skiing trip. The valley is wide, the mountains are high, the snow makes everything look simple and still.  From the confines of my comforter I tell myself that it was supposed to storm today, it’s cold outside, I’m just not ready to fall down on skis before noon, and this particular trip costs an extra $20 for transportation, and all of the money I’m spending here is coming out of my savings, so.  Best not to go.  There’s always next year.

I have taken only cellphone photographs. And only this one is any good.


This is from our snowshoeing tour of a small portion of the top of Aspen Mountain.  Apparently, the population of the city of Aspen was twice the size that it is today back in the 19th century before silver was devalued and the bottom fell out of the local industry.   And that’s at a time when cities were half the size that they are today.  We’re not counting tourists or celebrities, here.

Incidentally, there are instructions in our welcome packet for approaching celebrities, talking up the organization, and trying to get their contact info.  I’m told that Heidi Klum was spotted this week.  I think.  Maybe it was someone else.

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