hear ye, hear ye

I don’t usually take Metro papers because I never read them, but this morning I felt like I had to.  Today was one of those days when it’s either raining or about to rain, and I do have to take back the nasty things I thought in my head about my landlady’s negligence towards our flooding problem.  She apparently paid someone to clean the gutter weeks ago and thought it wasn’t still flooding every time it rained.  She sent me an email midmorning: “Is there water in the kitchen right now, please let me know.”  But I’m a renter; it’s more important to me to get to work than to babysit someone else’s responsibility.  But anyway last time I hermetically sealed the door from the outside with packing tape and black plastic trash bags so we’re dry for now.  The lady who is currently hawking the Metro papers is overly cheerful and a tad preachy.  “Good morning, good morning, it’s a wonderful Wednesday morning, blessed be the morning, and it *is* a good Wednesday, we’re lucky to be here.”

Cristen and I have been talking about alienation, so how could I act as though I didn’t hear her, not take the paper, and then say later how lamentable is our modern-day lack of community?  So I made eye contact to indicate my willingness to receive the thing, she was saying “we’re lucky to be here on this Wednesday morning,” and as she handed it over: “some of us didn’t make it through the night.”


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