Why must the weekend end so soon?

I made my first ever purchase on Craigslist: a wooden coat tree, $5.  I called the previous owner of my coat tree from outside his apartment door, next to a barber shop in the Italian market, with my laundry in the bag on my back.  “Just a second, I’m going to put a shirt on,” he said, and shortly enough was on the sidewalk with the coat tree and one of the posts that needs some crazy glue before it will bear a coat of its own.  But, the price was right enough, and it didn’t come from IKEA.  Not that I don’t own a ridiculous number of things that come from there, but that is exactly the point.

It finally happened that on a Sunday afternoon two weeks since the last time that I washed my clothes, half of the washers at the corner laundromat were full.  Which is to say that they were all full, as the other half have duct tape over the coin slots and the words “Out of Order” written on them in permanent marker.

So I took my dirty laundry on a journey of 9 blocks to a laundromat that is well-reviewed on the internet.  Indeed, its hours are long, machines plentiful and clean, and there is local art hanging on the walls including photographs of a spoon on the street and a black cat in a white bathroom sink.  Also, the attendant was nice enough to keep my coat rack behind the counter and out of the way.


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