a commute of one’s own.

“I get to go to work tomorrow!”

Milie makes a face at this: “I love how you sound so excited.”

Oh, but I am.  Stress!  I need stress, a to do list that isn’t a grocery list, and a morning commute.  Without these things I am but a shell of myself.  A shell of myself that spends forty five minutes on the internet trying to diagnose the rash on her back that followed an otherwise unremarkable sunburn.  Without more immediate things to stress about, I stress about the future.

I imagine myself in a doctor’s office, naked under a hospital gown being told that half the freckles on my body are melanomas and that they have been festering for twenty years three months and two days.   I will do the mental math and it will line up exactly with my trip to Ocean City, New Jersey.

In the course of this search, I did come across a somewhat outlandish potential diagnosis for the “Korean poison weed” rash on my arm that has been healing ever so slowly since the day we hiked Songbansan.

It is called phytophotodermatitis, and I admit part of the reason I like it is the name.  That aside, it very accurately describes the symptoms –a red rash, blisters, it doesn’t itch, consequent discoloration of the skin.  Phytophotodermatitis is an allergic reaction that results from skin contact with a certain plant and subsequent exposure to the sun.  Most of the anecdotal cases have to do with lime juice.


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