blue marble

I certainly put down the facebook.  I think the gifts are weird, the apps are weird, people who try to add you as a friend just because you share the same last name are weird.  Perversions of language like “unfriend” come into play when you have to unfriend your friend’s ex-boyfriend.  But how else could I find out that a girl I did yearbook with in high school just got married in Chile, works for an in-flight magazine, and has a cat named Sammy?  These are details usually reserved for, um, good friends, who do the business of keeping in touch.  So far I have learned of two marriages via the facebook.  And that when Korean police mail you speeding tickets with a picture of you in the driver’s seat, they black out the face of the passenger “for privacy.”  Read: so that husbands don’t get caught cheating by their wives who would otherwise open the letters and wonder, ‘who’s that lady?’

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