This is my dilemma:

and his name is Cat.


We bathed off his usual sheen of motoroil last night. I can’t lie, when he curls up on me feet and hides from the rain under my groucho pant legs, I want to bring him inside forever. However, in the process of bathing him, a rash broke out on my arm and we discovered he has fleas. He’s also unfixed and a natural predator of our other pets. It makes absolutely no sense to adopt him.

Except for the sweet look he gives you when you shut the door in his face.



  1. 1. Flea Collar
    2. neutor that cat, it can be costly, but I used my library skillz and found this
    3. slowly introduce kitty to other animals and don’t really let the two interact without supervision, ever!
    4. don’t worry about the rash, even if it is an alergy it probably won’t kill you.
    5. Cats totally rule, way better then dogs.

  2. Milie and her friend were just talking about Morris tonight while we tried to coax a tiny kitten out from under a parked car, rescue it, and possibly take it there. The kitten cried a lot and asked the above Cat to be its momma. He, in return, batted it on the head.

    And for the record, I caved. Earlier, when I was scratching him, a passerby shouted from across the street “It needs a home, take it inside! It needs a home!” And I couldn’t disagree. I don’t want *a* cat, but I can’t help wanting *this* cat. And this makes Milie very happy.

    Milie must buy a dust buster, discourage him from climbing on furniture to whatever extent possible, and fund his medical procedures. In that evernt, I will buy antihistamine and get used to shutting the door to my bedroom. Maybe buy a scratching post. And a new, better cage for the degus so that the cat cannot as easily terrorize them. I will probably have to put away the Korean tea set that decoratively adorns a bookshelf. It serves no purpose there anyway.

    I think the rabbit is aggressive enough to take care of himself. Also, the rabbit and the cat are colored like matching purse and shoes. Perhaps they were destined for each other.

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