Cross your fingers for me.

As Lauren points out, there is more in my life these days than furniture. Unfortunately, steady internet connection hasn’t been one of them. There is, however, my Korean floor bed, which is amazing. Not only for its expectation-defying comfort, but for its portability. That is, portability down the hall to Milie’s bedroom which has the window airconditioner.

There is also the continuing series of job interviews. Not for different positions, as I have allowed lack of internet to justify days spent mopping rather than job searching, but many interviews for the same postition. The third interview/fourth point of contact with these people is Friday. Good sign? I hope so.

It’s a graphic design position. Surprising? Yes. After the group interview last week they asked me to put together samples of my work. I made some mock petition postcards on pressing social issues and emailed them off, now have a scheduled phone conversation on the topic of my “background and abilities.”

So my fear is this: when he asks “Where did you learn to do this?” and I say “The internet,” he will say, “Oh, nevermind, then,” and I will have to start reading in earnest.


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