Emails from Ji Yeon

The first:

Hi sara~! I am 지연^^

How was you? I’m fine

I’m so happy now. Because I will go on vacation and my term-end examination was over!!^0^

My parents and my all family are miss you.

we went my cousin’s house.

Because yesterday is the first day of the luner month.

so we had to perform a relifious service for my grandmother.

my brother is still play computer but he go school regularly(It’s make my parents happy)

what are you doing now? I was anxious to hear from you.

I heard about your interview. How was the interview?

humm…. Ah!!! your cell phone and your umbrella is used by 태연 and my family

very useful

now is 01 clock so I have to go to bed

GOOD BYE~~~~!!!!

The most recent:


my parent is very like your letter and pictures.

my mom is think that you and your grandmother is similar~_~

my parent will call you~~^0^ anticipate it~~

here is very~~ hotㅜㅠ I hate the weather

A typhoon was been here. so here was a pouring rain…

but now is OK(*^^*)

your family know my family?

what they think about me?+_+

vacation was begin to day~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I’m so happy now^___________^

I ate pizza with my book countersignature of shcool.

It was so delicious~~!!

And I ate pig for dinner.

my parent want to see your picture.

so please send it as almost always as possible~~^@^

G O O D B Y E~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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