Unexpected call from Korea

Someone calls the house late while I am clearing my floor so that some dude can measure for new carpet in the morning. We wonder who it could be. Mom comes up the stairs: “All I understood was ‘Se-ra? Se-ra?'”

It’s Ji Yeon. She won’t tell me how her final exams went –“Secret”–and says that they are going to see the Harry Potter movie. Most of Tae Yeon’s tests were “not bad” but Chinese writing was “bad.”

People have been asking me to demonstrate how I talked to my students but it’s hard to summon up out of context, without a flesh and blood questioning Korean girl-student right in front of me. Milie now knows, as she was on my bed working on her first commissioned children’s book illustrations –for a book teaching how to count in Chinese.

I tell her about Harry Potter and she says, “Because it comes out tomorrow.”

Yes, but in Korea it is already the future.


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