I should not watch CNN in the morning. It is too early an hour to want to maim my parents expensive plasma mini-TV.

First a show called “This American Morning:”

“Well that was the morning “Moment of Zen” from the Daily Show.”

“That wasn’t funny. Why was that funny?”

And then on to Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol detecting ankle bracelet.

“It’s only 8 ounces, but it feels really heavy. You can’t wear you skinny jeans with this.”

And then the sensationalized tragedies that at least have news value. Interesting that the course of the story on a passenger jet crash in Sao Paolo, they went first to Google maps to show the airport runway and location of the crash, and then to YouTube for footage of pilots flying over the city.

Now we’re back to the pro-wrestler turned murder-suicide. My last morning in Korea, I turned on CNN in my hotel room and watched a short documentary on eunuchs in India. What gives?


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