Today’s reading material:

From students’ essays for an essay competition:

My revered person is Tyra Banks. She is a black However she is a world famous model. She made her way in the world and she is always dignified. I want to have a dignified attitude like Tyra Banks I want to be a pilot. Because I like to travel anywhere. I will carry my dream out at any cost.

The best three countrie are Japan, England, and Canada. I don’t want to visit USA. because Americans can have their own weapons, I’m so afraid of this!!!

I desire realizing everything.

This one’s my host sisters:

I have thin hair When I got to the hairdressing, a beauty artist say me “What you have thin hair!” Whenever that happens my feeling is not good. and I have worn glasses since I was young I have a myopia. So if I take off my glasses all is vague.

In contrast my father [my mother] is very tall. She is very spirited. and she have much laugh.

Finally, I have my swins sister. Her name is Ko Eun Hui. We love each other but we always fight. I don’t want fighting. But It unavoidable to us. I know her mintely. I even know her very important privacy But I can’t say you because my sister scold me very much. I’m afraid her. We are very good friend each other.

I live in small town now. I can’t be adapted a big city. I don’t have a sense of direction. The funny story happened when I went to Jeju City with my friends. We went that place together. But I lost my friends. I worried very much. I don’t have coin and phone. I was very suspenseful. I stranded as it is. My friends came and I was cried. I was very said that time. But now I heard this, it is fun.

My parents has lived a hard life because they lived in poverty and support five child. I heard that my family lived in poverty at Ancient times to my parents. So, my parents didn’t buy that my sister want to something and my parents are sorry. Since that times, my parents have worked very hard. So now my parents become pig breeder and my family is emerge from poverty. Other reason, I and sisters are cause trouble, especially I am cause trouble. I am a child born of an old couple. So I may cause trouble. When I was elementary school sixth grade became cause trouble. I turn on to my parents. My parents feel depressed. But they loves me also I love parents. I respect my parents.

When I grow up, if I’m herb doctor, I will cure my farents, and sometimes I will do survice free of charge. Herb doctor is hero, god, and familly for sick people and me.

Big city has a lot of good things but big city has many polution and they have trafficjam also many animals are very painful. I don’t want animals are painful I want all the animals are peacful. Animals happy, I’m happy too. I think people must have keep the animals life.

I usually think I am a big frog in a little pool.


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