She says she says

My coteacher held a meeting just before the after-lunch class with all the kids who will be in the English contest on Saturday, so as a class we waited outside.  One of my 1-2 favorites, a truly funny individual with a scar on her upper lip who, rock bottom English notwithstanding, is extremely social, tried to read my t-shirt as she walked by.

“I …do-esn’t…ah, mola!

She stood at the window next to a very advanced individual who impressed both Sarah and I at the Goji and Food one afternoon, told her she wanted my t-shirt.

“She says she want your teacher —ani— t-shirt.”


“She is sad because she is ugly.”

I said, “But you are so funny!”  and somehow the whole thing ended with the two of them smacking each others’ butts.


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