Return Itinerary

I fly out of Jeju the evening of July 7th, will bus myself and my loads of crap from Gimpo to Incheon, get picked up by an airport-hostel, sleep, and return to Incheon in the morning to leave Korea July 8th at 10am. I arrive in Chicago around 12pm the same day. Love time zones. Then futz in O’Hare for four hours, maybe buy a Sun Times, and will be in the ‘burgh by supper time.

So poll question: what do I have for my first meal back?



  1. Annie’s Macaroni & cheese. A Veracruz burrito. Black bean and corn salsa with chips. A vat of Robert’s Coffee, or some 61C goodness. French bread. Spaghetti. Hugs.

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