No end of excitement.

So I saw a naked man-butt today, which I hadn’t been expecting.

I went running –I don’t know how I frickin’ did that 10 minute mile because since then I’ve only been able to come in just under 11 and after that I’m *done* with the running. I thought, crazily, about trying to run two miles today, like with a walking lap in between, but *no,* that was not happening.

Side note, what’s the punctuation protocol on emphasis stars? Inside or outside?

Anyway, the brilliant thought occurred to me –because the beach is just too far away to walk on a whim when you’re sweaty and feeling like maybe a dip would be nice– to go to the stream that my first host family always went to on hot summer evenings. I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if I just ran into them there? But no, I’d have to go later in the evening, they always went after dark, but I was already sweaty, so I just went hoping I remembered the right place where the the stairs go down to the water.

Only someone else had this idea before me. Someone with a dog, which I thought was promising at first, like maybe it wouldn’t be too awkward and I could pet the dog and just stick my feet in, until I realized this individual also has no compunctions against skinny dipping, or skinny standing on a concrete platform as the case may be, in full view of the street in broad daylight. Which put the kibosh on that idea. I walked away thinking, “I can’t wear a tank top outdoors in Korea, but through no fault of my own, I could have seen full frontal male nudity had I been walking a little slower. Or faster. How is that fair?”

Incidentally, according to the internet, no one knows where the word “kibosh” came from.

So I didn’t go swimming, but I did meet up with Mi Hyae, who has pink eye and So Eui who wasn’t in class this morning because Mi Hyae has pink eye and wasn’t in school to remind her to go. They both implored “Don’t go to America!”

I also solved the mystery of where the man with the small head and the inflated pecs went. He hopped out of a truck as I walked back to my apartment, post shower, which was kind of like a cold spring water dip, from buying a soda and some sweet potato snacks. I thought, “that man looks awfully familiar, but how would I know some random leathery man climbing out of a blue pickup truck?” Didn’t recognize him right off without his POWER WEIGHT muscle shirt. Where was I going, he wanted to know, and explained that he’s started going to that new gym that just opened above the grocery store.  Ok, so it wasn’t a mystery, I just wondered every now and then.

What a totally eventful afternoon. It does not feel like I’m leaving here as soon as I am. A week ago I wanted to be in the airport and now I feel my toes digging in.


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