An awww moment.

Da Hee is particularly hung up on this Sara Teacher leaving business.  Her table partner, Eun I asks, “New teacher?” and Da Hee says, “No,” shaking her head; they have a little exchange in Korean.  I hate when they do this because sometimes I think I hear things like “A new teacher would be hard” and think “are you saying my class is too easy, kid?”  So I insist they try to explain.

Eun I says, “new teacher, no close” and pats her hands together although it takes me a moment to understand what she means.  She pronounces it “cloze” like “close the window” not “close” like “after 10 months of these classes we have this mutually affectionate relationship and if we get a new teacher we won’t be as close to that person, so we’re sad to see you go.”


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