First graders say the darndest things.

“Teacher!  Your friend: pretty no –you pretty.  Your friend [hand motion to indicate slenderness].  You teacher: [hand motion to indicate bosoms] volume!”



  1. Last class, my first graders asked if a diet was the cause of my switch from a B-line to an S-line. Regardless of what kind of line they think I have now, a B-line seems incredibly insulting! I guess I should be happy that they never told me I had a B-line while I had it. And have we determined if these letter lines are from the front or side views?

  2. I feel like B line implies the front, but there is an animated advertisement that precedes episodes of the Gilmore Girls on Pandora TV that draw the S along the side and includes, literally, “ae-suh-la-een” and “da-yaet.” But maybe it is flexible?

  3. B-line is definately a side view. Boobs and stomach. My students tell me that when they’re being nice. They usually go for the good ol’ D-line though. Sometimes I get an O-line which is the view from the front. I’ve gotten I-line to characterize me as a solid block, too.

    I think it’s cute.

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