I should change that category to “not teaching”

So I go to my class early to set up for the speaking test and when the bell rings, no class.  No thunder of their approaching feet.  I go back to our office, look at the schedule.  Yes, I am scheduled for 1-2 during 3rd period.  I go downstairs to their regular classroom.  Their uniforms are draped over their chairs, but no students.  Like they were kidnapped by UFOs whose transporter beam cannot dematerialize clothing, only student bodies.

They are obviously in gym class.

I go back to my office.  “Ee shigan pyo majayo?

I don’t know,” Mrs. Han says and calls.

Apparently the first grade teacher isn’t in school today, so my day consists of showing the pilot episode of The Gilmore Girls to my morning class and putzing for the next seven hours, waiting for four o’clock to roll around because there is a pan-Jeju ETA meeting at the Board of Education after school, so I cannot go home early.  Not that I could work out today anyway.  I might be limited to the upper body for the next week.

Now I’m off to watch Mrs. Doubtfire and by off, I mean, minimize this window.  No, I am not indulging a primal need to enjoy a favorite childhood movie.  I am PREVIEWING it.  To make sure it is APPROPRIATE to show to my students.  I’m not a total layabout.  Really.


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