I still don’t have a six pack :(

But I am down to a ten minute mile, with a little help from a 599 second playlist of the Credence Clearwater Revival, the Pixies, and Old Crow Medicine Show. I purchased some nice cotton shorts in town for the summer weather. Men’s shorts, and the people who own the store talked about the size as I took out my money, which I thought was a little rude. They’re loose, ok?

But I tweaked my ankle falling over a rock on the beach, so today’ll be a slower mile.  And I’ve got this huge blotch of poison ivy on the inside of my elbow from climbing Sanbangsan, so no bicep curls for me in the near future.  What a mess.



  1. Hi Sara! I hope you’re not serious about the title… I’ve been reading a lot of bodybuilding stuff lately, and everyone says that for most women to get a six pack their body fat % has to be dangerously low. Luckily I will probably never have to worry about that :/

    Anyway, love the blog 🙂

  2. Ha! There is more than a little hyperbole in that emoticon of disappointment 🙂

    If you want more reading, check out stumptuous.com. She’s a Canadian women’s studies professor who writes about women and weight lifting. Her site is actually where I learned everything I know.

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