Speaking test day

My ears are going to start bleeding if I have to hear anymore about the beautiful flowers on Jeju Island.  Only occassionaly do I have a student who tells me something interesting.  Like, ‘I was sick when I was little so my parents thought I’d be better if we moved from the city to the country but I don’t like it here.’  (That from a girl I used to resent a little because she once read Harry Potter while sitting in the front row of my class.)

I have one girl who memorizes spiels every time.  And I always give her lower marks, although I feel bad, but come on –“Words cannot describe”?  I know you don’t know what you’re saying.  Plus, you’re taking too long and I have to talk to 35 kids in 45 minutes.

I am much more impressed by this answer to “There are many beautiful places on Jeju.  Can you recommend one?”:

Goji and Food,” (which is the fast food restaurant my third graders frequent) because “goji is delicious.”

I appreciate the smart-assery and want to give her higher points just for that, but can’t.  If only she’d put it in a complete sentence.  I also want to give more points to girls who come at it with everything they have and no fear but atrocious grammar than to the girls who speak in perfectly rendered sentences, but don’t make eye contact.

Actually, now that I have a moment to think over the day … I wish I had marked some them differently and rewarded chutzpah as much as verb tense.


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