Photos from our Memorial day hike

Hiked up Sanbangsan (stock photo):


The first oreum / mountain in Korea I’ve gone up that had no staircases built into it anywhere. Just a nice slippery slope of mud and dead leaves on which I slipped many times. Some blooming honeysuckle and thistles. We were told it’s 395 meters high.


Me, Jenny, and Troy, who teaches at the hagwon adjacent to my apartment building.


I like this picture for what it includes: the dog that Troy routinely borrows from a Korean business that keeps it tied up outside, the random dude staring, and the multitude of pictures being taken during the brief window when the cloud that hovered over the top parted and we could see the ground.

That, incidentally, is the terrible haircut that I got by accident. The stylist and I discussed the length of the ends in the back, but never made any sort agreement on how much of the rest would go. I find it generally appalling whenever I am forced to look at myself.

I just love how my students all say “Teacher? Hair cut?” when they first notice. No, kids, it grew back in, what do you think? However, at the gym when the sweet faced javelin thrower –I now think it’s javelin he’s practicing for, not shot put; they never use actual equipment, but practice the forms with towels and extra shirts– anyway he has a sweet smile, and he said “Hair style very beautiful,” so I felt better about it. For like five minutes.


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