Monday, monday. I think I’ve already titled a post that.

A student and I pinky yaksok-ed on Friday that she would sing for me today. And then this morning she *broke her promise.* Man, kids are snots, right?

Half the class was gone because first grade is at some place where they “make people” in Hee Seon’s words. (On Friday it was explained to me as “character training.”)

“Let’s play a game,” they said, “let’s have a good time.” And I’m thinking ‘dammit, I wish I could be creative off the top of my head. ‘ I kept encouraging Mi Hyae to sing and asking what they wanted to play, hoping they’d bail me out. A sad state of affairs, perhaps, but they were actually talking to me in semblences of sentences.

They asked for a love story.

“What love story?”

“Your first love story.”


They all OH!ed the way you do when you learn something scandalous.  I wish we had that word in English.  A flexible word of negation indicating lack, more succinct than “I don’t have one.”

Finally So Eui suggested: “Bingo!” But how, I have no boards. We can make them, she said. I thought, this is why you kids are great. So we had an off-the-cuff bingo game using words brainstormed by first letter –“tell me everything you can think of that begins with G!”

Which lead to a very intellectual discussion about the difference between Godzilla and gorilla and where King Kong fit in.

I gave the bingo winners Bazooka Joe bubble gum that I brought back after Christmas with the idea that I would use it in a lesson, maybe have a bubble blowing contest. But I haven’t gotten around to it and as the end is steadily approaching, I thought what the hell. Hee Seon’s eyes actually sort of lit up when I said that it was from the US and explained what it was. They have a lot of gum here, but in flavors like coffee, flowers, or a kind of chemical apple. I think they are completely unfamiliar with original bubble gum.

I had to explain about the comic inside because my coteacher last year just threw it away with the wrapper. If only I had high school kids, I’d teach them about putting “in bed” after the fortune.


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