Hence the lack of posting.

Just got back from the class trip, hence the lack of posting.  There was only one minor crisis when we briefly lost the retarded girl at Everland.  She saw fireworks in the distance and ran off alone to find them.

The fireworks were part of a really bizarre performance and laser light show in a mock-up of the ancient Greek Colosseum.  The two Everland characters –versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, although what animal they are supposed to be I can’t figure out– somehow became part of Greek mythology.  “Mickey” received a bolt of lightning from Zeus and fought some demonic characters.  “Minnie” never seemed to actually be captured or do anything besides run back and forth in distress.  It was really perplexing.  However, that fireworks display may be the best I’ve ever seen.  Hence Ok Seon’s interest.

Two Korean teachers spent the day babysitting her since, not only is she not mentally capable of handling herself, and none of the other kids would willingly hang out with her, she couldn’t afford the “free ticket” wristband that lets you go on all the rides.  (Which caused an explosion of tears as we entered the park.

Once that settled down, I spent the day with Mr. Jang and Ms. Lee and the class outcasts. There was another girl without a wristband, although she handled this fact much better.  At the end of the day for the last few rides, Mr. Jang walked on holding her hand so they assumed she had a wristband too.

Everland is kind of a cross between Disneyland and Busch Gardens: the cute animal characters, but geographically themed zones.  Spent a lot of my time in “American Adventure,” actually, since it had some of the best rides.  But I think Korea may lack the careless abandon and grotesque sense of scale to build a truly good roller coaster.



  1. Приветствую всех!
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    С уважением Сеньчик

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