Second round

Passed Saturday evening over a grill of potatoes, intestine, and pig heart, with Mr. Jang, his best college friend, and a few bottles of soju. Pig heart is surprisingly good, by the way. Although when Mr. Jang was like ‘pig hearts are very similar to human hearts’ I was like, maybe that makes eating it weird?

The friend owns the restaurant at which we dined, is a fan of Nirvana and the Lion King Original Soundtrack. I like this man. He said that “Bob Dylan: artist” and that the boss of the Hanwha group, an apparently unsavory business tycoon: “noblesse oblige: no.”

He and I would get absorbed in talking about music–exchanging names and song titles, mostly. This began with “You like music? Ireland music!” as he put on a CD of the Chieftans whose first track was a version of Marley’s “Redemption Song” with Irish flutes in the background. I wanted to be like “you know I have a funny story about that song…”

In annoyance at being left out of the loop, Mr. Jang took my cellphone to look up “cross” in the dictionary. The friend then bequeathed to me a CD entitled “Original Pop Hits” because I seemed to be enjoying “My Girl” so much. Which may be the best gift I have received in Korea.

As usually happens when I bring up moving to Philadelphia, he also brought up the movie, which this time lead to an enthusiastic exclamation of “Aids! A-I-D-S” and then the assertion that Bruce Springsteen is also an artist.

The first time this Philadelphia reference happened was in a conversation with Mrs. Kang and didn’t go as well. I asked what she thought of the movie and she said “Some people were very moved, but –he is a homo?”

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