Today was observation day

It was a big day. School evaluation. My class was not evaluated, thankfully. It was a little satisfying, I must say, to see a Korean teacher conduct her class entirely in English and observe that the students are just as baffled, often, by her complete sentences, as they are by mine.

The vice principle of a neighboring school introduced himself, 부 something-something, before we began the discussion of Mrs. Kang’s class (conducted in a hybrid English-Korean).

“You can call me ‘Boo.'”

I mostly acted as English grammer reference. Not a good job for me. I spent most of the meeting deciding what one thing I would contribute once my opinion was solicited. Then I had to sit with a lady from the Board of Education over a lunch of eel soup.  They wanted to give me beer.  I was like…it’s 12:30 and I have to teach in an hour.

Mrs. Jang asked how was lunch, “Mrs. Jo said it was eel soup. Korean men like eel soup –very much.”  We say almost in unison: “for stamina.”

You know guys, just because it’s shaped like a penis…

One comment

  1. Ha Ha
    That does make sense!
    So, I don’t want to think it’s like it for me.
    anyway Korean guys like too much the sentence, “for stamina..”

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