We’re playing Konglish Jeopardy in second grade.  The clever ones examine the writing on their markers and mechanical pencils to find out what a “sign pen” or a “sharp” is.   However, I did get “Serenity” as an answer for that reason.  Sorry, no.  And for “cola” I watched one group write “cock” and thankfully reconsider their spelling so that I could give them the points for “Coke.”  They also get really angry that “cocoa” and “hot cocoa,” are different things, that Korean hot dogs are not considered hot dogs in America (they’re corn dogs) and that we don’t call Spam ham.

My favorite Konglish that I just learned from a list emailed around is flat tire, which is apparently “ponk.”  Although I think that would be better classified as onomatopeoia than Konglish.  If my kids were higher functioning, I think it could be really fun to do a lesson on onomatopeoia –how both of our languages have words for the same thing derrived from the sound it makes and yet the words are different.  Isn’t that neat?  The only example I can come up with off the top of my head is hiccup, and I don’t remember the Korean word, just that Tae Yeon and I had a conversation about this.  I think cricket is too.  I tried to teach the morning class “squeegee” as part of a reading comprehension exercise but couldn’t find a good surface on which to make the noise as an example.  They were probably just like ‘why is Teacher smearing her spit on the classroom window?’


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