Happy Days.

It was the perfect day to chill cans of beer at the edge of the surf and lounge on the beach with tuna salad, cheese, and crackers. And a red wine called Happy Days. It was an afternoon so perfect that it deserves a second go. Though it seems degenerate to leave my job tomorrow afternoon to go swimming, life is too short to suffer my free time at school just because I don’t feel like I deserve it. Unfortunately in a way, I’ve only just found my rhythm here, in school and in life, but I’m on my way out. So it goes. And while I am looking forward to coming home, moving to Philly, and inheriting a computer with more than 500 megs of free space, I doubt the sight of the Schuylkill River will ever make me happy to be alive.

My host sisters gasped at the sight of the sunburn on the top of my right foot. “Don’t you go to hospital?”


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