Different worlds, same worlds.

I just turned on a podcast of This American Life.  A woman began a story in which her seven-year-old son was grounded for crossing the street to see his friend because he is not allowed to cross the street by himself.  I was like “I am pretty sure I have ridden the bus with seven-year-olds accompanied only by each other.”

On a more somber note, some dogs found the girl who’s been missing for weeks buried in a tangerine grove.  Supposedly her neighbor just got out of jail for murder, so naturally he’s a suspect.  This is what I hear.

I also learned recently that one of my students stayed up all Saturday night roaming the streets around the school until she was spotted by so-and-so who happened to be a teacher’s sister-in-law, who then called the girl’s grandmother, so that she had a place to sleep on Sunday.  Her father’s an alcoholic, apparently, and she didn’t want to go home.  There’s a lack here of social institutions that remove children from the custody of people who fail them.  It makes me despair a little.  How many of them?  And I’ll never know about it.


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