It’s hella windy today.

In home and technology class the second graders are learning about textile making by weaving together pieces of colored paper.  Remember, second grade is eighth grade US.  At their age I was sewing locker organizers and making napkin holders in shop class.  I keep things like this in mind when I worry about the dubious educational value of my lessons that don’t go well.

These little pieces of paper were the bane of my morning class.  Frickin’ put it away!

Maximizing this “advanced” class time is proving improbabe.  I cannot give them speaking tasks if the task is to talk to each other.  They simply will not.  And any task that involves them getting information from another person is completed through copying before I can get the directions out of my mouth.  Admitting defeat, for the last ten minutes I went around to every table and interviewed them about the information they had failed to get the way that I wanted them to.

“Did you speak English?”

“Yes, teacher!  Please believe it!”

Regular class has been easy all week.  Singing Lollipop with 2nd and 1st grades.  Taught third grade for the first time, part of their book lesson on Mother Theresa and then Heal the World, which they liked more than I expected them to.  Maybe because TVXQ and Boa did an…interesting…rendition of it a few years ago.

I hate that I get the answers wrong in their English text book because I can’t read the Korean directions.

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