Korea Herald article

This article pretty much runs the gamut of sentiments on the subject of the day, except for what I’m told some people have been hearing –that he did it because he was more American than Korean.

U.S. shooting prompts concerns of racial backlash

“As a Korean, I feel the need to apologize to the victims and family members. We should hold a nationwide candlelight vigil to show Korea’s grief,” said user foxyfox26.

Many also expressed concern that Korean residents in the United States could be in danger following the incident.

“I am deeply concerned about my son who will be going to a U.S. school next month. I hope the incident won’t worsen the nation’s international reputation or pose a danger to students and residents there,” said user khj124.

“Through this experience, parents should think twice before sending their children to foreign countries to learn English,” said office worker Lee Jae-hoon, 30. “The feeling of alienation and loneliness can cause severe mental distress to vulnerable students and lead to tragic incidents like this one.”

Lawmakers called for the Korean Embassy to improve supervision of Korean students in the United States.

“More problems occur for students with U.S. green cards, because they are not subject to the embassy’s supervision as Korean nationals or Koreans with U.S. citizenship,” said Rep. Nam Kyung-pil of the Grand National Party. “We need new measures to broaden the scope of supervision.”

“The suspect is an American who spent most of his life in the U.S. I cannot understand why him being a Korean is suddenly the core of the issue,” said 25-year-old college student Park Yu-ra. “We should lament what has happened, but this is not an ethnic issue that the whole Korean society should apologize for.”

Office worker Kim Sun-kuk, 32, said that the core of the incident was not Cho being a Korean but U.S. laws which allow individuals to possess guns.

Unconfirmed reports by Korean media in the U.S. said that Cho’s parents attempted suicide late Monday night. The father died and the mother is in critical condition, the reports said.

By Shin Hae-in

Actually, I think that the fact he’s South Korean, while it will be noted, will not have much share in the blame.  It’ll all go to the school for not having canceled classes after the morning shooting, whether or not they should have anticipated the following shotting, and to the gun control laws that allowed him to get a firearm.


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