“the lonliest night of the week”

Came home around midnight from the bar, saw my host mother walking ahead of me on the deserted street as I neared our apartment.  I yelled “Tae Yeon’s mother!” since that’s actually what I had been told to call her, though I must have flubbed it.  She only turned after some moments, probably just because someone had yelled down a deserted street at midnight.  I understood only that she was going to the “mart” but not the reason.  Then stayed up until one finding Youtube videos for my host sisters of pop songs, and the lyrics so they could print them out to learn for noraebang; and eating strawberries when their mom got back.

Ji Yeon showed me a Youtube “trailer” for a fictive Titanic sequel in which Jack’s frozen body is pulled out of the ocean and revived, which had been posted to a Korean website.

“I want to see,” she said.  You –what?  So I had to be the one to explain that it isn’t real and felt a bit like I was ruining the tooth fairy for her.


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